Omotenashi Dining is a Japanese home dining service which specialises in serving authentic Japanese food in the comfort of your own home.

Hello, my name is Yuko.

Having lived in UK for over 10 years I have seen exposure to Japan and Japanese food rise steadily. This could be due to the many travel and nature programmes on TV, or maybe the increasing popularity of national chain restaurants serving Japanese inspired food, or the very cheffy (and expensive!) restaurants in the big cities where many people dare not go as they don’t have a clue what to order. However, the image of Japanese food has on the whole remained static, namely sushi, noodles, soy sauce and maybe teriyaki sauce or wasabi.

I often get together with family and friends to enjoy Japanese food at home. Using locally available produce alongside ingredients and condiments brought back from Japan, my kitchen becomes a culinary laboratory in order to recreate the taste I miss so much. Believe it or not raw fish or sushi do not appear on the table often because there is so much more to enjoy in the wide variety of Japanese food!

It is my aim to share the experience of tasting this authentic Japanese food through my home dining service, Omotenashi Dining.

The Omotenashi Dining service is available within an area defined approximately by a line drawn from Leicester to Corby, to Northampton, to Coventry and back to Leicester; that is South Leicestershire, North Northamptonshire and East Warwickshire.

The Meaning of Omotenashi  (Pronounced O-mo-te-na-she)

Omotenashi is loosely defined as the art of selfless hospitality and it is a cornerstone of Japanese culture. The word represents the act of prioritising guests by providing unobtrusive personalised service in a variety of ways to allow clients to spend a memorable and relaxing time.